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Greshun De Bouse is an extraordinarily powerful, supernaturally persuasive global leader and icon.  She is recognized by dignitaries, celebrities, and other notable persons across America-including Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary. Her radiant smile, charming personality, business savvy, technological innovation and more captivate and mesmerize all encountering her.  She is recognized nationwide for her effective leadership and human equality advocacy, successful founding of multiple awareness holidays-most notably Disabled Veterans Day, and is credited with process streamlining for U.S. disabled veteran VAO connect.  Greshun De Bouse has been featured in Big Easy Magazine, The Gwinnett Post, The Ruston Leader,  WTVM News 9, KBCI News, KTVA News, KNOE News, KTBS News 3,  Americas Voice News, radio shows, countless other media,  and is repeatedly found in articles on Google News.  Recently named "Mover and Shaker of the Year" by Movers and Shakers Media™ (Mas Media™), Greshun De Bouse is found recently on Google News after receiving a text-vite (a word she has now popularized) from President Trump to attend his Keep America Great Rally in Dallas, TX, and a Disabled Veterans Day™ proclamation from Alabama Governor and Mayor of Tupelo, MS-home of President Trump's November 1, 2019 KAG Rally, as well as serving as multi-area coordinator at KAG Rally 2019-Monroe, LA where she coordinated and commanded respect from thousands of rally attendees.  Greshun De Bouse made history on November 1, 2019, as the only person of color seated in President Trump's VIP section at Keep America Great Rally 2019-Tupelo, MS, where she is seen just to the left of President Trump on C-SPAN, NBC, FOX, and any other network airing KAG 2019-Tupelo, MS coverage. 

Moreover, in mid-late October 2019, Greshun De Bouse launched the DVDAY630™ App she developed for disabled veterans on Amazon and Google Play.

A master innovator and dynamic motivational speaker, Greshun De Bouse creates apps, marketing strategies, and media presence for individuals, businesses, cities, and states; and travels the globe empowering all with her moving speeches that spark inspirational action.

All of her goodness is genuine.  All she touches turns to gold. All of her doings are successful.  Her accomplishments are innumerable.  She truly is created for a special purpose for this world.  She is, our beloved, Greshun De Bouse. #greshun

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Greshun De Bouse has vast experience interacting with, and obtaining successful results from dignitaries, celebrities, and other notables.


Follow your passion! Do it with excellence!


Greshun De Bouse has a 100% success rate in all she does.  She definitely has the "Midas" touch, considering all she touches turns to gold.



Almighty Greshun De Bouse is a rare "Jill" of ALL trades and a master of ALL.  So be it app/website creation and other technology services, public speaking and marketing strategies, socialitism, or all things in between, Greshun De Bouse does it, and she does it well.


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